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  1. The Barnes & Noble Guide to Children’s Books has finally been published!

    I’m very pleased to announce the publication of the Barnes & Noble Guide to Children’s Books, which was packaged wearing my content development hat.  What I love about what I do is between the covers of this book, and that is…the books!  My passion goes back to my childhood (OK, so I will confess, I won the 4th grade reading contest!)  where I remember all the time spent at the Remarkable Book Shop (Westport, CT) poring through the shelves; I still have some of those purchases on my bookshelves today.   (I recently re-read  Island of the Blue Dolphins bought in 1960.)  What is so frustrating about the industry today is how very difficult it is to break past the walls of the large trade houses to get quality storytelling and intellectual properties published.  My personal mission is to forge the way under new business models, which include providing content development services to retailers,  that are driven by the marketplace.  That is how I think we should all approach the business today – as passionate, content-loving entrepreneurs who can and will seize all of the opportunities to deliver to the consumer, whether it’s children’s or grown-up books.   Listen to the market, listen to the reader, and let it drive what you do and how you do it.  And most importantly, make it happen.

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