Helping publishers and content-driven companies build new revenue streams is our specialty.   We offer customized solutions that may include competitive market analysis, identifying and sourcing new distribution channels for existing content, ideation and execution of a new product offering or line of business, and/or creating a sales, marketing and distribution plan.  Establishing the right strategy, and then directing the best resources to execute the plan, is our passion.

We often fill what may seem like “on staff” roles in established organizations, both large and small.  We assimilate seamlessly into corporate cultures, thanks to our  inclusive and collaborative team approach.

Let us be your outsourced solution to build your business.

Partial client list:

American Academy of Pediatrics, Barnes & Noble Publishing, Guideposts, International Masters Publishing, Macmillan, the Joester Loria Group (on behalf of its client, Discovery Communications), Ruckus Media, Sandvik Innovations, Scholastic (multiple divisions:  Trade, Online, Teaching Resources, Entertainment, At-Home), and The Wicks Group

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    phone: +1.203.255-9789